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So you have your cross-country skis, poles, boots and bindings, you’re all set right? Not so fast, my Nordic friend. You may still need head gear, eye gear, ski gloves, ski outerwear, ski wax and maintenance items, and some way to get your skis and gear from your house to your next snow-covered adventure. These are the manufacturers that can provide you with your cross country skiing accessories.

Cross-country ski accessories manufacturers:
Alpine Tools
Makes ski and snowboard maintenance items.

Backcountry Access
Avalanche and safety equipment for skiers.

Ski tuning products.

Boot Buddies
Chemically dries your boots quickly.

A way to keep your feet warm when skiing.

Bowtie Ski Carriers
A carrier to carry your skis and poles.

Has a product that is a combination of a down hill ski, cross country ski and telemark ski without the need for snow.

Diamond Machining Technology
Makes the mini ski and snowboard diamond stone.

Dominator Racing Wax
Ski wax.

Ski boot, shoe and glove dryers.

Elpex rollerskis
Elpex makes a complete line of rollerskis.
Technical sunglasses and goggles. Online ordering.

Fast Wax
Waxes for all type of snow and ski conditions.

Fischer Ski
Besides their big ski line, they also offer ski and travel bags.

FK Tools
Waxes and tuning kits.

Bags for carrying your skis and gear.

Glissade Ski Bags
Bags for skis and boots and whatever.

Tuning supplies for snowboards and skis.

Grabber Warmers
Makes hand warmers and Grabber energy bar.

Hands Free and Ski
A portable system to carry your skis and poles.

Heat Factory
Portable heat packets and warmers.

Hertel Wax
Ski and snowboard wax.

High Sierra
Bags for carrying your skis and gear.

Hotronic USA
Boot heaters, hand and feet warmers

Makes a line of roller skis, ski poles, clothing and accessories.

Besides their complete line of skis, poles and bindings, they also have carrying bags and gloves.

Ski and snowboard security products.

Snowboard and ski waxes, carriers and repair kits.

KWIK Ski Products
Ski and snowboard waxes, tuning and repair equipment, and boot dryers.

Makes ski poles, helmets and guards.

Produces ski poles, shovels and avalanche/emergency equipment and tools.

Liquid Speed
Company sells lubricants, waxes and sunglasses.

One Ball Jay Industries
Ski waxes.

Sportswear, backpacks and avalanche safety gear.

Profeel ski tuner
Alpine ski tuner.

Race Place
Ski tuning products.

Rainey Designs
Makes bindings, ski crampons and mounting kits for free-heel skiing.

RC Power Products
Ski carrying bags and locks.

Besides their line of skis, boots and bindings, also offer hats, gloves and ski bags.

Goggles, gloves and poles.

Serious Snow Socks
Socks to keep your feet seriously warm.

Ski & Snowboard Wax and Tuning Tools
Tognar offers the largest selection of ski/snowboard wax, tuning tools, repair supplies and d-i-y-info in the whole snowy world.

Ski Bones
Holder for storing and carrying skis.

Ski Clip
Ski hangers and carriers.

Smith Sport Optics
Makes ski poles, goggles and sunglasses.

A way to carry your skis, boards and gear.

Makes waxes for Nordic and alpine skis and snowboards.

Carrying cases for your skis.

Sun Valley Ski Tools
Ski tuning and repair tools

Waxes, carrying cases, repair tools and other accessories.

Toko Wax and Tools
Maker of waxes for Nordic skis, alpine skis and snowboards.

Tongar Toolworks - Snowboard & Ski Wax and Tuning Tools
Offers the largest selection of snowboard & ski wax, tuning tools, repair supplies and d-i-y info in the whole snowy world.

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