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Choosing Cross-Country Skis

Looking for some advice on choosing and buying cross-country skis? There are several Web sites that can give you advice on shopping for cross-country skis, but don't forget to ask your local ski instructor and ski shop as well.  They should also be able to offer you some good advice.

Because there is a rather small number of companies that make cross-country skis, you don't have to worry about buying from the wrong manufacturer - they all make good, high-quality skis. But you do have to worry about buying the wrong ski style.  You need to buy the right style, model, and length of ski for the style of skiing you are planning on doing. And it's always a good idea to try out or rent the model of skis and boots before you buy them.
The following articles offer some good tips on choosing and buying cross-country skis. 


L.L.Bean has lots of winter sports gear buying guides and advice.

Snowlink offers a good tips area, including info on picking your next skis and gear.


And the best place to find used cross-country skis — eBay.


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