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Snowshoeing has seen an explosion in popularity lately and it isn't hard to figure out why. Snowshoeing can be an incredible physical workout, or it can be a perfect relaxing stroll through the snow-hushed woods. Its also not an expensive sport.  And, being portable, snowshoeing can be an individual thing or it can be an event for the whole family.

For a good introduction, try Snowshoeing 100 from the fine people at GORP.

Then check out GORP's Tips for Snowshoers.

REI helps you pick the correct snowshoe in How to Choose Snowshoes.

Backpacker Magazine has a great examination of snowshoes in Snowshoe Anatomy.

Atlas Snowshoe Company has some good Tips and Tricks for Snowshoeing.

We also recommend Your Guide to Snowshoeing from Snowlink.

Choosing the Right Snowshoe from Backpacker Magazine has a chart to help you select the right snowshoe.

How to Buy Snowshoes is a good article from Oshman's.

More good info on snowshoeing and choosing snowshoes from Carl Heilman.

Snowshoeing, Where To Go
You can go snowshoeing almost anywhere, just don't go directly on the packed cross-country ski trails.  If you are following a xc ski trail, stay off to the side please. Many of the resorts and trails in our Resorts and Ski Areas section are also perfect for snowshoeing.

REI has snowshoes


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